Preparing for Surgery

So how do you prepare for the fact that your daughter has to undergo a 10-hour surgery? Something that you have absolutely no control over?  10 hours in which you need to trust the surgeon and the other medical professionals who will be in that operating room.  These are the questions that swirl in our head today as tomorrow Elle undergoes spinal fusion surgery.

When we posted back in October about the surgery, and the feelings we had around what was to come, we thought we had a lot more time before we would have to actually face those fears, but instead we got a month.  A month of feeling more terrified than we have ever felt, a month of planning and organizing, a month of wondering about the ‘what-ifs’, a month of trying to learn every single thing we could about the surgery and recovery.

How bent is her back?  Well at last measure, a week ago, it was at 72 degrees.  What does that really mean?  Well the only way for us to explain is to show you.  With Elle’s permission, we have posted an x-ray picture taken in October 2017 and one December 2, 2019 so that you can see the difference.   We also have posted a picture of Elle’s back as it looks now when she stands to provide a real-life example.

We know that Elle is strong and has overcome a lot of adversity in her life.  We know that we will make it through this, we always do.  But all of that doesn’t take away from the very real terror and uncertainty that tomorrow brings to our family.

Now here we are, with just over 24 hours to go.  There is no turning back.  All we can do is continue to pray and have faith that the surgeon and the other medical professionals in that room will take the best possible care of our little girl.   If you have taken the time to read this post, we would ask that you please join us in whatever way you choose, to hope and pray for our little girl.

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