Thank You to the 1999 Toronto Titans!!!

It is a surreal feeling this morning, when we reflect on what the 1999 Toronto Titans did for Ref4Rett.  Despite the treacherous driving conditions and blowing snow, everyone arrived at the rink with warm hearts and wanting to give back; all gathering for one cause – Rett Syndrome.

From the coaching staff, to the players, to parents, volunteers and the many fans, everyone came together to cheer on the 1999s versus the Officials.  In a fun filled, high scoring affair, with great officiating (one-sided) by Darcy Tucker and Patrick Flatley, and inspiring coaching from Scott Morrison, the Officials were able to tie the top ranked 1999 AAA Bantam team in the province,  keeping coach Morrison’s perfect coaching record at 0-0-1!

The event highlighted by a presentation of a cheque in the amount of $18,000, which was rounded up to $20,000, by the generosity of the Titan and Wolverine organizations.  All of these funds will be donated to O.R.S.A. and will be specifically dedicated towards research.

A very special thank you to everyone who made this day a success, but in particular to Sharlene Israel, a mother and woman who heard about our cause, read our story, and in seconds made her vision for this fundraising day a reality.  Her tireless work, advocacy and enthusiasm for the cause is truly inspiring.  THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you as well to the guys who played for the Officials team.  We appreciate the effort made to be there and be a part of a very special game (that drive was horrible), and also for all your continued support to our family and Ref4Rett.

Not only was this a fun filled and emotional day for us as parents, but particularly heart-warming to see the smiles that it brought to the faces our special Rett angels who were present at the game;  Elle and Rachel .   They enjoyed the game, but we think the highlight for them was the opportunity to flirt with the boys in a pregame visit!

We’ve heard that there was a new clip on CTV new last night, but have yet to find it.  If anyone has it, please send it to us so that we can share it.  There were also many, many photos taken, which we will also share once we receive them.

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