George’s Journey….

Friedrich Nietzche once said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Overcoming all obstacles and becoming stronger is definitely something that Lory and I want to instill in our children.  We feel that this is particular important for Elle given all the hurdles that she has had and will have in her future.  When Elle was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, George Coventry (one of Kevin’s employees) wanted to do something on his own to help us raise awareness and funds for Ref4Rett.  He decided that he would ride his bicycle to work every day, and while it was only 3 miles each way, he wanted to complete an incredible total distance of 500 miles – which he began on JANUARY 2, 2013!!  The 500 miles took over 5 months to complete and he rode his bike EVERYDAY!!   He rode on nice days, he rode in the rain and he rode in SNOW STORMS!!   He rode in so much snow that on some days he literally had to get off his bike and walk it to work because the snow was so deep. He could have easily stopped or taken a day off, but he didn’t.  He asked for donations from employees at Golden Windows and as a result, he raised $565 for Ref4Rett.

We would like to thank George for raising funds and helping to raise awareness for Ref4Rett, and also for enduring some ridiculous weather conditions to accomplish his goal!

Have a look at the pictures to witness his journey!  (We’re also hoping to post a video on our Facebook site).

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”  ~Gandhi

photo photo (2) photo (3)



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