We had a few items that did not sell at our event, and in efforts to continue our fundraising initiative, we have decided to create an Online Silent Auction on Facebook.   We are hopeful that this will allow us to sell these items that were so generously donated, while also allowing people who were not able to make the event feel apart of this amazing thing – Ref4Rett!!

The 8 items available are located in the “Online Silent Auction” Photo Album. Bids can be made in the comment section of each picture. Minimum bids for all items is $20.00 and subsequent bids increments a minimum of $1.00.

Please feel free to share this new with your friends!

To see the items, please Click Here.

Please see the Online Silent Auction Rules below for further details.


1. Bidding will be open from 11 p.m. February 9th, 2013 until the end of the final item close at 9pm February 28th, 2013.

2. By bidding in the Online Silent Auction, each bidder agrees to these auction rules.

3. Ref4Rett reserves the right to add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the Online Silent Auction.

4. Auction item purchases are final. No returns or exchanges will be issued, nor is it possible for expiration dates to be extended. All items are “as is”. All provisions listed in the certificates are subject to availability.

5. Ref4Rett provides no guarantees, warranties or servicing of auction items and is not liable for any personal injury or damage to property that may result from the use of the item or service sold.

6. To make a bid for an Online Silent Auction item, simply type your name, and the amount you wish to bid in the comment section of the item picture on Facebook. The opening bid on each item must be at least the minimum bid of $20.00. Each subsequent bid must follow the minimum increment of $1.00. Any bids not adhering to this format will be declared invalid and voided.

7. In order to maintain confidentiality, bidders will need to email their contact information; including phone number to ref4rett@gmail.com.

8. There is no “upper limit” for your bids!

9. You may bid on any item in any Silent Auction section until the item is closed. Item #1 will close February 13th, Item #2 will close February 16th, Item #3 will close February 18th, Item #4 will close February 20th, Item #5 will close February 22nd, Item #6 will close February 24th, Item #7 will close February 26th, Item #8 will close February 28th. All items will close at 9pm of the listed date. The official time will be based on the personal computer in the Morton home.

10. Once the auction is declared closed, the last bid entered on the comment section that adheres to the designated increment shall constitute the winning bid and will so be marked. In the event of a dispute, the Online Silent Auction Chair (Kevin Morton) will act as the final authority.

11. Winning Bids will be posted on Facebook and onwww.ref4rett.com within 30 mins of the closed.

12. The winning bidder will be contacted to arrange payment (cash, cheque or e-transfer). Once payment has been processed, arrangements for pick-up/shipping of the item will be determined.

13. Payment for items purchased must be made in full. We accept cash, or a personal cheques made payable to “O.R.S.A”. Invoices will be available upon request.

14. Any item left unclaimed will be offered to the next highest bidder and sold.

Happy Bidding!!!

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