CAS of Hamilton Intake Department Bake Sale

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December 19, 2012 by ref4rett

How do you say thank you, when thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough?? Today the Intake Department at the CAS of Hamilton hosted a bake sale and “insulated mug” draw, the proceeds of which were donated to Ref4Rett. Driven by compassion, kindness and overall human goodness, they were able to raise just over $1500.00. Not only does this leave us completely speechless, but inspires us to continue on this quest in the hope that one day a cure will be found.
IMG_1177 IMG_1175 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1172

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2016-2017 Season
As of February 22, 2017

2015-2016 Season - $27,381
2014-2015 Season - $33,465
2013-2014 Season - $56,117
2012-2013 Season - $48,166
Total Raised - $196,295

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