It’s not every day fans and players alike finish a game actually applauding the officials. But the unthinkable did happen Saturday afternoon. That the officials were carrying sticks, not whistles, was a big reason for the phenomenon.  But still…

I had the great pleasure to be a part of a truly special event last Saturday, as the 1999 Bantam Toronto Titans faced off against a group of GTHL officials, to help raise funds and awareness for Ref4Rett, a charity that is trying to make a difference and find a cure for Rett Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopment condition.

The bottom line is the bantams, as part of Titan Give Back Day, raised a remarkable $20,000. That is a large number. I was pleased to be a part of the ceremonial faceoff and to coach the officials, who were assembled by Kevin Morton. I joked mine was the toughest coaching assignment around because we all know officials don’t see very well, they certainly don’t listen, and there is a reason why they are officiating.

But the boys were pretty darn impressive, as were the top-ranked Titans. Also involved as actual game officials were Darcy Tucker, who couldn’t resist grabbing a stick, and Pat Flatley, who enjoys waving off goals. The game, if you were wondering, ended 9-9, but the big winner was Ref4Rett.

A big shout out to Sharlene Israel and Dr. Jo and everyone who helped them in making the day the success it was.  And kudos to the entire Titans organization,  which had all its teams giving back, from the minor atoms all the way up to midgets, from distributing food to the hungry to visiting seniors and nursing homes to cleaning up a park to…the list goes on.

All good causes and a great reminder to all involved that sometimes we get caught up in wins and losses, but there is a bigger picture we can’t lose sight of beyond  our world of fun and games and sometimes we all need to be reminded.

Congratulations to all the Titans teams – on an off the ice.

Scott Morrison

Executive Producer, Hockey at Rogers Sportsnet

Pictures of the finale Event – Team Ref4Rett vs 99 Titans

Ceremonial Puck Drop – Alex Daigle, Pat Flatley, Scott Morrison, Darcy Tucker, and Kevin Morton

Coach Scott Morrison and His REF4RETT Team

Ref Tucker Making the Call!

Player/Coach Kevin Morton Stopped by Adam Scott

Darcy Tucker joins in the battle!


End of a great day!