Thank You

This Ref4Rett journey started just under a month ago, and I have to say that I am so incredibly overwhelmed at the outpouring of support for both myself, my family and for Ref4Rett.

I need to thank the members of ORSA for jumping on board and fully supporting the Ref4Rett initiative…I really wouldn’t have been able to pull this together so quickly without their support.

Thank you to our family, friends and colleagues who have all been so supportive – emotionally, through donations and by helping to spread the word about this most worthy cause.

The most surprising in all of this, are those acts of kindness from perfect strangers, who with so much compassion, are willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goal.

With just under two months left until game day, I’m hoping that everyone can continue to help to spread the word and raise awareness.  Remember you can always “like” Ref4Rett on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Thanks again!!   Your love, compassion and generosity do not go unnoticed.

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